Saturday, January 3, 2009

Years ago, we lived across the street from beautiful Everheart Park in West Chester. Our family was growing and we moved away to a bigger home with more land but often thought fondly of our little house in town.

One day at a playground, we ran into a family that had 2 dogs that often walked and played at Everheart with us. Oddly enough they now live a mile away from us- all the way out here in the country! Small world. Tirowa and Duke have passed away but Daisy and Nesta get to hang out. Daisy is a large GSD mix with some arthritis, so we decided to take the dogs swimming at a local dog pool. It was an interesting experience....Nesta has asked that we NOT return. He also asked that I not say anything bad about the owner of said pool. He is after all a gentleman. Nesta would however like to see Daisy again on dryer terms.

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