Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Invisible Fence

The decision was clear. We had to get an invisible fence for Mr. Nesta. An intelligent dog with emotions not unlike a human, Nesta kept running off into the woods. No temptation of biscuits, nor cheese would lure him back until HE had had enough and felt like returning.

We purchased a top of the line fence on Ebay (LOVE EBAY) from a pet supplier. The install was all on us. To be exact, me. I waited for the ground to thaw a smidge and began my day with a trip to Total Rental. The fellas at Total Rental were funny and helpful, even though they had little faith in me that I would be able to tackle the beast of a machine. But my resolve and determination would ensure that the trench would be dug that day.

The first machine pooped out on me after 3 feet of trenching. I thought that I broke the machine, cursed, and loaded it back in the car (with the help of dear old dad). Back to Total Rental.

The new machine was LARGER and more POWERFUL. Mmmmm, power tools. I found myself fighting and digging my heels in the dirt to maneuver the new beast over rocks and through the mud. My learning curve with the machine was short. I figured out how to finesse the 200 lb. steal beast and dig the 1"x 4" trench required for the cable. My victory felt great! I didn't care that the moon was rising and the temperatures were dropping. I had an invisible fence to install! (890 feet of it)

Seth made the connections and hooked the wires into the house. A success. Now Nesta would have to learn his boundaries. I put up exta flags to mark the boundary. We were now ready to show Mr. Nesta his new fence.

For two days we kept the settings on beep only. (no shock) I thought that Nesta was beginning to understand that he should turn about when he heard the beep. That was not the case. I felt a lump in my throat, turning on the shock. As we walked the perimeter, he stayed close- until he saw a rogue leaf blowing in the wind. He crossed the line- YELP!!!! Oh boy did it shock him! I felt terrible- but still a giggle surfaced. Lets just say that Nesta wants NOTHING to do with white flags or beeping noises. My fluffy boy has zero desire to take off into the woods. Hope it lasts!

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