Thursday, October 22, 2009


Jumble Thoughts:
1. Nesta and I went to a dog park today. Never again. Nesta hid by my side and wanted nothing to do with romping and chasing-only leaving my side to greet some human women. (Loves the ladies) While Nesta laid at my feet, a pitbull approached, lunged and attacked Nesta. In a tizzy, I grabbed the dog by his neck and threw him off my baby. The pit scratched my face drawing blood. With blood running down my face, I grabbed Nesta and rolled. Kind people around tried to help. Nobody copped to the aggressive dog. Loser dog owner. No more dog parks for us.
2. In the year that I've had Nesta, never ever have I seen him show aggression. He has not once beared his teeth and I've never even heard him growl. (And Lord knows, we spend a lot of time together.) He has met plenty of dogs that were not as gentle, been attacked twice. Not even so much as a snarl or a nip. Such a lover.
3. Shepherds just know. Why are Shepherds so attracted to each other? There must be a sacred secret Shepherd bond. While Nesta is not adverse to playing with all dogs, he will select another Shepherd (even a Shepherd mix) to befriend. At the dog show, Nesta knew exactly that Pete and Molly were kin. He only watched Shepherds- Both GSD and Shiloh. There are of course several Shepherds at Search & Rescue. They sit together. They chase together. They bark together. I know another Shiloh that will only play with Nesta. (Refuses to run with his lab brother.) Maybe it's the ears. Maybe it's the smarts...
4. Too many scary movies. As I sat in the October night, hiding for Spence last night, it became painfully clear to me that I have watched too many scary movies. Alone in a corn field (next to an insane asylum) with no radio, flash light, or phone- I was convinced that Malakai from Children of the Corn was sending his minions to collect me. Thought I saw Jason and Michael Myers lurking behind a tree. Swore I heard Raegen and Damian chanting in the distance. I armed myself with a large pile of green walnuts. Nothing says "Stay away evil doers!" like hurling a walnut. Thank goodness Spence is so good at his job. Relief came with that working dog jingle bell and the panting of a happy K9! Love that Spence boy.

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