Monday, December 29, 2008


Tirowa has been gone for 4 months. I still cry for him. Probably always will. He was my special boy for 13 years. Tirowa was there from the begining. He was part of everything that Seth and I had become. He was there for the dreadlocks and the van. He had been by our side while we built our house and put both kids on the school bus for the first time. We camped together, snowboarded, swam, hiked, and spent the summer on the boat together. My special special guy.

Nesta can not replace him. But Netsa can have his own place in my heart. He is my little (well giant) love monkey. A mama's boy through and through. And naughty! Knows a handful of clever tricks, but thinks nothing of sneaking into the dining room to poop on my floor. This morning I wanted to sleep past sunrise, Netsa was having no part of that. He wriggled in between Marley and me to lick and paw my face. "Good Morning!!! I slept all night. Time to get up!" My special boy.

Lots of our friends and family are having babies or getting married. I am doing neither of those things. But I have a puppy! Do you want see pictures??? He's 5 months old!!!

All in all a great year. Filled with great memories. I am a lucky girl.

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