Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tattle Tail

Today we did NOT pass our AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. So is Nesta not a good citizen? Perhaps he could better be described as an enthusiastic citizen with a zest for friends. The test consists of the following 10 tasks:

1. Accepting a friendly stranger. The evaluator approaches, shakes hands with the handler. The dog must sit politely and not break position to greet/touch the evaluator.

(We started off on the wrong paw from the start. Nesta got up to greet the evaluator.)

2. Sitting politely for petting. The evaluator pets the dog, the dog may not show any shyness or resentment. (Pass- done perfectly. No shyness here.)

3. Appearance and Grooming. Evaluator inspects the dog, combs and brushes, checks paws and teeth. (Pass- Clean, handsome boy loves attention)

4. Out for a walk. Handler takes dog for a walk including, right, left, turn about, and stop.

(Pass- Obey the leash)

5. Walking through a crowd. Dog and handler walk close to several people, dog may show casual interest but no lunging/jumping.

(Pass- What people? There's dogs here somewhere.)

6. Sit, Down, Stay commands. (Pass- duh)

7. Coming when called. (Pass- Who me? )

8. Reaction to another dog. Two handlers and dogs approach each other from a distance, shake hands, exchange pleasantries, move on. Dog shall not cross in front or show more than casual interest. (Fail- Nesta leapt and lunged to meet the other dog. He cried and whined. I could feel the judgemental stares from the other good dogs)

9. Reaction to distraction. Dog may not panic or show aggression. Open umbrellas, dropped bowls, etc. (Pass- Nesta's no fraidy cat.)

10. Supervised separation. Handler goes out of sight for 3 minutes while the dog waits with the evaluator. Dog may not show distress. (Pass- this is the one we worked on the most. I was sure he'd yelp and cry when I walked away. We whimpered a bit but sat with the evaluator - must have been all tuckered out from the greeting dogs incident)

All of the above are done on leash with a flat collar. No treats. No toys. Just expected to behave. Which brings me to the tattle tail part. I watched a man give his Corgie several treats during the test. Not allowed! I sat silently. The evaluators must have missed it. The blog has become my means to tell on the man with his Corgie. And know what else? When a Corgie shows "more than casual interest", it's not as obvious as when my big giant boy shows more than casual interest. I mean those dogs are barely off the ground. Is it even in a sit? Who knows. Just bitter. We promise to work harder on greeting politely.

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Piston said...

Awww! Sorry Nesta didn't pass his CGC! Piston thinks he should have passed with flying colours! He said he would have reacted the same way!

By the way, we were wondering who is that dog that looks like they are Nesta's twin in the photo??