Monday, August 3, 2009

the importance of being camera ready

Good friends of ours live down the road on a beautiful property. Included on this property is an amazing pool with an 85 foot water slide. Nesta's BFF, Maya is the resident dog, so we are often found carrying on and lounging poolside with dogs. Maya swims in the pools, pond, and creek. Nesta prefers the baby pool and pond. And now- the water slide. The children had gone up to the top of the slide, mats in tow. Nesta, curious, followed. "Do you think he'll go down that slide?" "Nah, he might run along it." WRONG! The children flew down the slide wildly screaming and laughing. Next I saw a doggy head at the top, and then just ears careening down the massive slide. With a large Plunk, Nesta ended in the pool. Giant Shiloh does water slides. Where's my camera now?

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