Friday, April 10, 2009

The adventures of Timbee and Tirbee

It is with a heavy heart that I blog today. Timber, a GSD close to my heart is gone. She died last night. It came swiftly, but she had 12 wonderful years on Earth. Timber was Janet's dog. (or as I like to calll her- Jane) We both got our GSD's when we were young and had no responsibilities. They were our first babies. Tirowa and Timber grew up together- and in turn, watched us grow up. Babies came home and their yards got bigger and bigger. We had nicknames like Cafe Snack and Timbylu for them. We all know that our time with these animals is short but the love grows so much that we want to hold on to them forever. The loss is profound.
Timber was a beautiful girl. A devoted gaurdian and friend (unless you wore a fedex uniform). She would trot into the kitchen at 4 o' clock to ask for a biscuit. She'd hide in the tub if she was naughty. She claimed all the children as "hers". A sweet sweet doggy.
I imagine that when Timber opened her eyes in heaven, Tirowa was running towards her through a field. Reunited. I'm sure there was leaping and squeaking, and lots of kisses.
So tonight, I'm giving Nesta extra biscuits and lots of hugs in honor of Timber. Love you Timbee!

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