Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smart boy

I take Nesta for off-leash walks at a local park. There are trails, a stream, playground, and plenty of room to roam. We were walking the other day-taking in a little fresh spring air, sniffing fresh deer poo, and frolicking in the mud . Out of no where-there was a man standing alone by a tree. A little odd. No picnic basket, no dog, just a dude behind a tree looking nervous. Nesta noticed him and began to bark. Not a little puppy bark, but a "If you come any closer, I'm gonna rip out your jugular" bark. I had never seen him act this way. Nesta loves everybody and everything. He doesn't even bark at the UPS man. Never met a person he didn't love. Except this guy.
On our way home, I remebered that there had been a rash of flasher incidents at that very park. Did Nesta find the flasher???? Was he just defending my honor? The local flasher won't be showing us any of his bits and pieces!

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